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print several maps

Bruno Moreira

I've changed incphp/print/pdfprint.php, in order to print PDF with a several pages, with one layer each.

I pass a layers array with layer name and the scale I want it to be printed, then for each layer I add a page to the PDF with the corresponding scale.

The result is ok for the first page, but the next pages are printed half the scale I want, for example, if I want a scale 1:10000 it will print 1:5000.

I've tried to multiply it by 2 except for the first page, and it works well, but then I'll have problems with layer properties (like maximum scale display(MAXSCALEDENOM)).

Here is a paste of the code

What do I need to do prior to this? Looks like there is something I need to do other than just add the layers to $_SESSION["groups"] array.

Thank you