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I´v installed the graphicalqueries plugin, but when i draw the poligon it
doesn´t return any results, giving the following log error

*$queryResult = SelectTools::mixSelection($_REQUEST['selectMethode'],
$jsonPMResult, $queryResult);*

Does anyone knows how to fix it?

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Re: [pmapper-users] graphicalqueries

Sylvain Arabeyre
Hi Alexandre,

For the graphical queries plugin to work you need to modify the following file:
Line 272, add "$newSelectObj[1] = new stdClass();" (without quotation marks) so that the code part corresponding to the extent looks like this:

                                        // extent:
                                        $tmpTab2[0] = $xMin;
                                        $tmpTab2[1] = $yMin;
                                        $tmpTab2[2] = $xMax;
                                        $tmpTab2[3] = $yMax;
                                        $newSelectObj[1] = new stdClass();
                                        $newSelectObj[1]->allextent = implode("+", $tmpTab2);
                                        $newSelectObj[1]->zoomall = $selectObj[1]->zoomall;
                                        $newSelectObj[1]->autozoom = $selectObj[1]->autozoom;
                                        $newSelectObj[1]->infoWin = $selectObj[1]->infoWin;

Do the same line 441 and th plugin should work!
Have a good day!