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[pmapper-users] changing map reference

Firdaus firdaus
*dear all*

I'm beginner in using pmapper as one of application in mapserver. I've
successfully installed pmapper in MS4W, and i need to change EXTENT
coordinate in "config\default\pmapper_demo.map" for Asia countries.
However, i've got error message as below.

*Anyone can help me to solve this error ?"Warning*: ms_newMapObj():
[MapServer Error]: loadMapInternal(): Given map extent is invalid. Check
that it is in the form: minx, miny, maxx, maxy in
*C:\ms4w\apps\pmapper\pmapper-4.3.2\incphp\globals.php* on line*66*

*Fatal error*: Uncaught exception 'MapScriptException' with message 'Failed
to open map file
"C:/ms4w/apps/pmapper/pmapper-4.3.2/config/default/pmapper_demo.map"' in
C:\ms4w\apps\pmapper\pmapper-4.3.2\incphp\globals.php:66 Stack trace: #0
ms_newMapObj('C:/ms4w/apps/pm...') #1
require_once('C:\ms4w\apps\pm...') #2 {main} thrown in
*C:\ms4w\apps\pmapper\pmapper-4.3.2\incphp\globals.php* on line *66"*
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Re: [pmapper-users] changing map reference

Did you set correct coordinate system? I mean, coordinates in your extent refer to the coordinate system specified in your mapfile/config.xlm?