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[pmapper-users] Marking the middle of the map

my intention is this: when a map is displayed, I press a key - i.e. "m" for marker or 'Markierung' or 'Mitte' - and then there will be a cross or something else painter over the exiting map.
If the map is refreshed, I have to press 'm' again, that doesn't matter.

I realized this in the old p.mapper in zoombox.js via
// Bildmitte markieren
function drawMarker() {
        hbreite = parent.mapFrame.mapW/2;
        hhoehe = parent.mapFrame.mapH/2;

        xfrom = hbreite;
    yfrom = hhoehe-20;
    xto = hbreite;
    yto = hhoehe+20;

        xfrom = hbreite-20;
    yfrom = hhoehe;
    xto = hbreite+20;
    yto = hhoehe;

This function was triggered by the kp function:
         case 109: // m-Taste
           drawMarker();  // Mitte einzeichnen

I found the corresponding function in the actual pmapper for the keypress, but how to draw?
Can anyone give me a hint or solution?

Thanks a lot i.a.,


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