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[pmapper-users] MapScriptException error

Eugenio Trumpy
Hello everybody,

I have got an more then one problem in my pmapper log file:

[28-Jul-2014 08:16:46 UTC] P.MAPPER-ERROR: Wrong entry for 'pm_search_configfile' in config. File not existing
[28-Jul-2014 08:16:46 UTC] PHP Notice:  Undefined index: pm_search_configfile in /dati/var_www/wm_geothopica/config/__startup_config.php on line 251
[28-Jul-2014 08:16:46 UTC] PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: plugin_cssFileList in /dati/var_www/wm_geothopica/config/__startup_config.php on line 364
[28-Jul-2014 08:16:46 UTC] PHP Warning:  ms_newMapObj(): [MapServer Error]: msLoadMap(): Parsing error near (puppa):(line 20)
 in /dati/var_www/wm_geothopica/incphp/globals.php on line 58
[28-Jul-2014 08:16:46 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception 'MapScriptException' with message 'Failed to open map file "/dati/var_www/web_data/bdng_map/bdng.map"' in /dati/var_www/wm_geothopica/incphp/globals.php:58
Stack trace:
#0 /dati/var_www/wm_geothopica/incphp/globals.php(58): ms_newMapObj('/dati/var_www/w...')
#1 /dati/var_www/wm_geothopica/map.phtml(45): require_once('/dati/var_www/w...')
#2 {main}
  thrown in /dati/var_www/wm_geothopica/incphp/globals.php on line 58

The main error I guess is:

[28-Jul-2014 08:16:46 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception
'MapScriptException' with message 'Failed to open map file
"/dati/var_www/web_data/bdng_map/bdng.map"' in

since is fatal.

This pmapper project deploy the old 3.2 version with mapserver 6.0, that's why I had to move the application from an old (ubuntu-server 9.04) server to a new one (ubuntu-server 12.04).

I tested the map file using:


and it seems working since I had the image under /tmp directory

What can be the reason of the above error?


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