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[pmapper-users] Fwd: Map viewing problem (UPDATE)

Ceyhun Ganioglu
Sorry to bother you all. I don't know if you receive these emails
because I get some message from bounces telling that my message is
ignored etc. Sending just to make sure.


Here is my message:


I sent emails about my problem with PMapper. But I sent two emails which
may cause confusion for people. I am sending one email which summarise
the situation.

- I installed map server to port using FGS and created a sample Map File
using  QGIS.
- I have three layers (geoyol, parsel, geokapi) and no specified groups
on my MapServer .map file and when I directly call them (like the link
at the en of the line) I see the map is drawn
*- I tried to install PMapper as advised on Quick Install.

I think I made a mistake during installation. When I call pmapper, Page
stays in "Loading" state. I installed Fiddler and made it listen port
8000 to view the error and found:

Warning:  Division by zero in
/opt/fgs/www/htdocs/pmapper/incphp/map/map.php on line 299

Warning:  Division by zero in
/opt/fgs/www/htdocs/pmapper/incphp/map/map.php on line 300

Warning:  Division by zero in
/opt/fgs/www/htdocs/pmapper/incphp/map/map.php on line 301

Warning:  Division by zero in
/opt/fgs/www/htdocs/pmapper/incphp/map/map.php on line 302

Warning:  Division by zero in
/opt/fgs/www/htdocs/pmapper/incphp/map/map.php on line 303

Warning:  Division by zero in
/opt/fgs/www/htdocs/pmapper/incphp/map/map.php on line 304

"geo_scale":"22520", "refreshToc":"0", "refreshLegend":"1",
"urlPntStr":"", "mapW":"1635", "mapH":"844", "refW":"0", "refH":"0",
"minx_geo":"379739.612304", "maxy_geo":"4543712.5",
"xdelta_geo":"12983.806642", "ydelta_geo":"6698.5",
"refBoxStr":"0,0,0,0"  }***

Anybody have an idea?

Many thanks

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