Problems in p.mapper 4.4.0

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Problems in p.mapper 4.4.0

I tried p.mapper 4.4.0, and found a few problems common to previous versions:

- postgis layers are not highlighted when selected (see post by Teresa Renzi, Mar 07, 2016: Highlight problem with Postgis layer);
- in config/common/fonts/msfontset.txt '.ttf' extensions have to be added where missing;
- the zoom cursors are not displayed, unless commenting lines:

var theLastPos=theLoc.indexOf('?');

in javascript/pm_cjs.js and javascript/src/pm.pmapper.js (same of my previous post, Oct 05, 2015: Zoom cursor not displayed on pmapper 4.3.2). Anyway, this is not working with Firefox (tried succesfully in Chrome, Opera, Safari, Edge and Explorer).

Best regards